A Day in the Life of Singer-Songwriter Silas Nello

"At 3 p.m. on a Monday, singer-songwriter Silas Nello is sitting at his kitchen table, listening to records and sipping a glass of red wine. He’s jet-lagged after returning from a vacation in Spain but also excited to get back to work. Nello is a full-time musician and a rising star in the DFW music scene. Barefoot in black jeans, with blue-tinted sunglasses hanging from the open collar of his red-and-white polka dot dress shirt, Nello is the picture of a 1970s rocker born too late — an image his music reflects."- Dallas Observer

Silas Nello Reminisces With "The Jester"

"Last Friday, Dallas folk-rock singer-songwriter, Silas Nello, went rummaging through the dusty boxes in his attic and found his wistful vacation video for “The Jester.” Directed by Kansas Bowling in Los Angeles, the warm and nostalgic video creates a sense of yearning through reminiscent memories of a past life with someone special. The vintage vignettes fuzzily flicker across the super 8 film with carefree optimism as Nello and Parker Love Bowling frolic along the sunny West Coast landscape. Nello’s poetic southern songwriting sinks into the comforting acoustic backdrop of the “The Jester” as shimmering harmonics highlight the chorus. The contemporary video fits Nello’s southern rock persona by combining elegant retro with conceptual neoteric." - Track Rambler

A Special Twangville Playlist

"I keep seeing references to Nello as a folk rock singer. One listen to his debut release has me thinking that he hit the studio in part with the intention of giving the finger to anyone who ever described him that way. Out of the Light mostly shuffles with a rock-induced swagger, fueled by electric guitar accompanied by heavy rock piano flourishes." - Twangville

Buzzy Folk Rock Artist Silas Nello Talks Up His New Album, Old-School Style

"Silas Nello wears vests, silver rings, feathered folk hats and striped shirts — but he's not playing the role of a Southern folk rock musician. You can tell when you're around him that he's comfortable in his skin. He also has the air of someone who knows things are finally falling into place." - Dallas Observer

KXT’s New Music Monday picks for June 19 showcase the last of the Matt Pond PA, a UK artist and our never-ending love of local:

"Ever since our ears glommed onto his 2016 Christmas single, “Chelsea Boots On Holiday,” we’ve been eagerly anticipating what might be next on the agenda for Dallas artist Silas Nello, who’s the second artist to ink a deal with the locally-owned Hand Drawn Records. His full-length debut Out Of The Lightgets the vinyl release royal treatment on Friday, July 28 at Spinster Records in Oak Cliff. Hand Drawn also plays host to their label showcase that same day at Three Links in Deep Ellum. Find your bliss with “Holy Ghost Blues,” which is radio gold clamoring for your attention." - KXT 91.7

Crate Diggers Q&A

"Silas Nello may not be an artist you recognize, but his album sounds so familiar you swear you’ve heard it before.  Really it's a testament to his years of hard work behind the scenes writing and crafting the perfect album to tell his story. Out of the Light is his first full-length album recorded last year at Modern Electric studios with the help of engineer Jeff Saenz and few members of the Texas Gentlemen." - Crate Diggers 

Central Track's Songs Of The Week: "Rosie #2" 

"Folk rock singer-songwriter Silas Nello is the latest signee to the North Texas-based label Hand Drawn Records, and he’ll be celebrating the release of his debut album, Out of the Light, at Three Links on July 29, but until then enjoy this sweet, Springsteen-ian little love song that serves as his album’s second single." - Central Track

Song Premier: Silas Nello - "Rosie #2"

"Crate Diggers is excited to premier “Rosie #2” the second single from the folk rock singer-songwriter Silas Nello’s debut LP Out of the Light. “Rose #2 is more mellow than his first single “Holy Ghost Blues “, but shows his range as an artist and talent as a songwriter. This song sounds like it could have easily been written in the 70’s, it has such a timeless feel to it." - Crate Diggers

Nanobot Rock Premiers Silas Nello's "Holy Ghost Blues" (Official Music Video)

"Stretching far and wide musicians settling into their own skin takes many shapes, forms, and sounds. Texas based Silas Nello is steps out of the acoustic stylings of Daingerfield and into a desert blues rock sound with “Holy Ghost Blues.”...Quality production, thanks to director Jordan Michael Sutton, adds to the standoff and draw that is our first look into Nello’s upcoming release Out of the Light. Drenched in rock over a sprawling southern sound we’re delivered a blues single only by name, an attractive southern rock track by execution; and in video." - Nanobot Rock

"Chelsea Boots on a Holiday" Review by Nanobot Rock

"Dallas singer/songwriter Silas Nello contributes an excellent new Christmas original to the 2016 holiday season, one certainly worthy of a listen. Silas doesn’t quite fit in the alt.country mold, as the track leans more rock than country, but his voice (both actual and lyrical) most certainly drives toward those Gram Parsons/alt.country fields. “Chelsea Boots on a Holiday” is a wistful tale of someone whose life demands that they stay in the city, as his mind wanders towards the Christmases of home and lost love." - Christmas Underground

Review: Silas Nello – Daingerfield EP 

"Cruising in from North Texas, Magnolia Boy Silas Nello just released Daingerfield. In contrast to the Dallas area, this EP is anything but flat. Nello’s poetic southern songwriter style dances along the fretboard with dusty boots and worn jeans as it plays to a heartfelt collection of six tracks intertwined with an impassioned reflection. However waxing-of-love-songs that this may seem, we can’t simply dismiss the edge and foot-tapping qualities of the EP." - Nanobot Rock